The Board

001MonicaGartner_WEBsmall Monica Gärtner has worked in the private sector, and currently works in the government sector.  While working full-time for 20 years Monica enjoys traveling to Australia, Austria, Belgium, Caribbean, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Malta, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia and United States. She encourages people to live their dream and explore the world of traveling to enhance their lives. Monica  also is involved in formation/hip hop dance, writing a book, and engages in other volunteer activities!

2015 Nancy-1Nancy Lear has Muscular Dystrophy, she just joined the CATS Board and looks forward to working with our team. She works part-time as the Community Coordinator for the Individualized Funding Resource Centre Society. Nancy holds a B.A. in English from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is currently studying the Career Development Practitioner program at Simon Fraser University, part-time, in pursuit of her continued passion to help others. She is an avid square dancer with the Wheelin’ 8s, she volunteers at the Neil Squire Society and with her local Muscular Dystrophy Chapter. She enjoys exploring her surroundings, travelling and shopping.


Dr. James Lutaaya is a renowned minority rights activist with a Doctorate in human and group rights. He is currently the national Chairperson of the Canadian Bar International Students’ Association, Board Member at large for Canadian Association of Black Lawyers and Chief Legal Officer of The Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and Burns Violence (CERESAV). He has advocated for refugees, children, women, migrants and acid attack victims. He has guest lectured on HIV and human rights at Greenwich and Thames Valley Universities. He has further co-authored an International Refugee Law Course used by SAS Law School and continues to consult on issues around minority rights. Dr. James Lutaaya James has also worked with the Refugee Council; the Chambers Section of the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda that prosecuted the Rwanda genocide perpetrators; and also managed the Legal Services of Step Consultancy. Dr. James Lutaaya delights in writing on legal and social issues and has written for the Observer, the Independent, the New Vision, the African Eye, the Weekend Xpress and was Editor in Chief of B Magazine. Dr. James Lutaaya also consulted with the Department of Work and Pensions’ employment policy and implementation team in the UK and excelled in his roles involving the new benefit transition in to Universal credit. He was rewarded and recognized for his exceptional work. Dr. James Lutaaya is a doting father and in his free time enjoys family time, tennis, reading and volunteering at his local church.


George Pope became hemiplegic in 1990, following a burst aneurysm and subsequent stroke.  Since then he has been very active in community volunteerism.  He has been employed as an assistance case manager since 2006, providing on-the-ground medical/etc. support for insured travelers.  He got married in 2007 & lives with his wife, 27-year-old step-daughter, & 8-year-old son in Richmond, BC.